Kathleen Ewing Fowler

“The words of one’s mouth are deep waters, the spring of wisdom a running brook.” Proverbs 18:4

Kathleen Fowler grew up not far from where she lives now–out on the eastern high plains of Colorado. Both her parents were educators who taught her learning is a lifelong event. Her natural inquisitive nature had them often refer her to the World Book Encyclopedia.

She remembers hours of drawing, creating her own paper dolls and houses, and ironically getting in trouble for what her father referred to as her fire trap closet. Scrap paper provided by her father often filled it. Kathleen also liked to write short stories and poetry, wishing she had saved some rather than keeping her closet clean back then.

Kathleen did well in high school and had a scholarship to attend nursing school. She was always the pragmatist; she decided the wages were not any better than the retail environment she was already working in. She opted in for working after high school.

Plus, she married young. When she met her husband, she knew it was for life. A year after they were married, she had her first baby. Soon two more children were gifted to her within the next few years.

Being a mother was a high priority for Kathleen. She taught them at home because the local schools were disappointing. She is grateful for that opportunity, as time goes far too fast while children grow. She often talks of spending that time getting to know her gifted children as some of the best years of her life. The children have all gone on to be successful in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Kathleen Fowler and her husband, Ken, defined American independence and set that example. Early on, they started a business in heating and air conditioning. In partnership with Kathleen’s business acumen, Ken’s long hours and genius application allowed for the successful business to thrive for over twenty-five years.

Kathleen was able to open her art gallery and pursue painting as a career. GraceWays Studios was born in 2010. She picked up a few patrons, a few solo shows, some awards, and many rewards in the work of creating art.

Six grandchildren later, all artistically inclined, Kathleen continues to enjoy the healing qualities of making art. Now she writes often, entering articles and short stories, hoping to finish a few books in the making.

Kathleen lives in her dream home, a 104-year-old Craftsman complete with a cooling pantry. She is blessed with her husband’s continued company, a faithful Chinese Shar-pei named Dottie, several chickens, and more goldfish in an outdoor pond, and she makes her home and life very satisfying.

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